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Yle Teema’s marathons I say, I’ve been watching Jerusalem 24 H most of the day.

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DeviantArt seems to be the source of all evil for me, since I ran into this series over there too. I started seeing arts titled with country names on the front page and was all what what. When I saw some titled “Finland” I got interested, being the typical Finn who gets all eager when someone happens to mention our country (hence the elephant-joke is all true in my case). I guess it was the time when there were two episodes of the anime just out, I started to read the manga and.. yeah. The rest is history (the most fitting pun ever).

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Monster Hunter

I think at first I saw fanart of the game, for example isismasshiro on dA made couple humorous works of the mons. The game piqued my interest, and I checked some gameplay vids of it from Youtube. I guess the first vids included a fight against Kirin and it took plenty of time for the players to take it down. That made me wonder how ever could anyone have the nerves to play so long to take down just one monster! Madness.

Later on as my bro’s birthday was nearing and we got Wii I found Monster Hunter Tri and bought it for him, though of course aiming to play myself too. I liked it very much, though didn’t get to play much - but luckily not long after they were going to release MH3U for 3DS! And the rest is grinding.



LEGO + The Lord of the Rings = Awesome

Alice Finch (creator of the LEGO Hogwarts featured here) teamed up with David Frank to create a LEGO model of Rivendell:

“the last homely house west of the mountains,” where Elrond where Elrond hosts both Bilbo and his dwarven companions in The Hobbit and Frodo and the Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings.

The Brothers Brick just unveiled official photos of this jaw-droppingly detailed model, which was made suing 200,000 LEGO bricks. They also interviewed Alice and David about their stupendous creation.

A project of this scale begins with plenty of research. In order to faithfully recreate one of Middle-Earth’s loveliest locations using tiny plastic bricks, Alice and David first studied all the relevant scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring and then painstakingly scoured BrickLink in search of custom LEGO pieces that would best suit their ambitious goal.

Visit The Brothers Brick to learn more about all of the work that went into creating this beautiful plastic love letter to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Visit Alice Finch’s Flickr stream for a complete gallery of photos.

[via The Brothers Brick]



when you draw a character so much you memorize their design and you dont have to look at a reference


when you actually look back at the reference and realize youve been drawing them wrong the whole time